First steps

So, you have decided to promote your brand or publicise an event using oyster card holders / wallets? This is how it happens.

The first step is obviously to get a quote from us. We have different prices according to the quantity, artwork layout, type of holder / wallet and method of printing (or even embossing / debossing).

Once our quote is accepted by you we need you to supply us with some form of artwork. Artwork which is full colour will need to be printed on a white PVC holder / wallet, which means the inside when opened will be white (holders / wallets can also be printed inside for an extra cost). 

Oyster holders / wallets are printed flat so a single sided print covers the whole of the outer. When it is folded in half you see the front part of the outer layer and the back part of the outer layer.

You may just have your logo or some images - that is fine - just send us what you have and we will let you know if we can use it.
We can use artwork in lots of different file formats. We will do an artwork PDF layout which will show you how your item will look when printed.

We do not own all fonts so you may need to supply fonts or we can do the artwork in the nearest font that we have.

Alternatively, we can send you a template and you slot your artwork into the template and sent it to us. Please make sure we can remove the template from the artwork as we obviously don’t want to print the template on the oyster holder / wallet!

Our full colour printing is done in CYMK.

Printing on PVC is not the same as printing on paper. PVC can move and stretch while it is being printed so we have to allow for a decent “bleed” – there are accepted tolerances for this – we will always let you know if your artwork will ‘crowd’ into a bleed space.

Order acknowledgement from us

Once we know we have artwork in a format that we can use for you we can confirm your order. This acknowledgement confirms your total cost and any other details specific to your order.

Artwork pdf sent to you for approval

We will send you a PDF by email which will show you your artwork as it has been laid out for printing.
This needs to be checked by you and signed off for printing. We normally send a low res file for approval, but please request a high res file if required.

Invoice for payment

We will send you an invoice for payment so that we can delivery promptly according to your deadline.