Social Media?!

We saw this joke the other day while we were discussing our use of social media:

Question: What’s the personality trait of a bad marketer?

Answer: Anti-social!


Well, it’s not that good, we know. But we were chatting about how in our business we make little use of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and - the soon to be defunct - Google+.

The funny thing is, when we first realised this we actually felt guilty. There was a relentless barrage of advice, instructions, trends and momentum all leading us to believe that if we didn’t max out on social media, then our business would suffer.

But then over the last year we’ve relaxed about this. It seems to us that if the whole point of our approach is a fast, responsive and personal service, then let’s talk - or at least make rapid use of email.

We are not a big company that has to structure communications. We just like to chat!