Lens cloths work well for hotel promotions


Good hotels already provide luxury items such as toiletries and biscuits, but now lens cloths are being added to the list. Guests need something to clean their screens and specs. Don’t encourage them to wipe their treasured technology items on the bedding!

So provide them with a promotional lens cloth that they can take with them as a memento of their stay. If you already provide a shoe-shine cloth then why not add on a lens cloth as well? Your clientele will leave your hotel feeling well-treated - everyone enjoys receiving goodies!

hotel-lens-cloths .jpeg

A promotional lens cloth works well to reinforce an existing hotel brand as well as to promote a new one. A well designed promotional lens cloth is highly likely to be kept and used by the guest and will serve as a reminder of their stay. It will keep your brand name at the forefront of a customer’s mind for any future bookings and for recommending to others.

Our promotional lens cloths have a great full-colour print area and are available in all kinds of sizes. This makes them an ideal way to convey any new promotion at the hotel. They can advertise and encourage visits to special areas that you want to emphasise (e.g. your spa), room service options can be printed, you can promote a map of the hotel facilities, or even promote other connected hotels and locations. There are plenty of ideas.