Promotional cotton shopping bags – good for the environment, good for business.

With the ability to add full colour and with a range of styles and weights, the cotton shopping bag provides an economical way to promote your business over the long term as the people using your bag

Why choose an environmentally friendly cotton shopping bag?

What better way to show your clients that your company cares about the environment by offering promotional items that are also environmentally friendly?

Recycling and global warming are hot button issues, with much market interest in finding products that offer something back, and as the new shopping bag law has come in almost overnight to the UK, people are turning to more long lasting carriers for their shopping trips.

These cotton bags represent a great beginning in a process to environmentally conscious behaviour as they are created from organic, recycled and most importantly sustainable resources.

Cost-effective and useful, the cotton shopper that is obtained at an expo or trade show is not going to be discarded as with many promotional items, as it will be used on shopping trips, extending the lifetime of your promotion and exposing your brand and company to a wide range of people long after the promotional event where the bag originated has ended.

Using the cotton shopper as a promotional giveaway item is both environmentally conscious and effective as a piece of marketing for your company brand.

Benefits of the promotional cotton bag to your business:

  • Promotional shoppers offer amazing visibility for any brand
  • Convenient and useful, especially since the plastic bag law
  • Eco-friendly options available
  • Modern printing allows for full colour to really stand out
  • Long life in the market place means repeated promotional opportunities