Why not use our printed promotional oyster card travel wallets to promote your business?

An opportunity for exposure for your business in some of the busiest areas of London, these brightly designed wallets allow your business to be seen in high traffic, high attention areas. Branding is all about repetition, what better way to achieve this than with a powerful presence on an item with excellent visibility.

Designed to keep your Oyster card safe and easy to access we supply a range of different Oyster Card holders, including

·         Digitally printed with a great laminate finish, (matt finish available also).

·         We can also supply a lining for the inside of the wallet which protects the print on the card, adds texture and heft to the wallet.

·         Embossing. If you have a bold statement to make the embossing on this range of Oyster Card wallets makes your message or company logo stand out from the crowd. Available in a number of colours.

·         Recycled! For the eco-friendly company, these black or white wallets can be screen or litho printed and offer an ecologically conscious option to your brand.

·         A transparent PVC layer can be added to the top of the Oyster Card holder to give a premium feel and better protect the artwork from the environment (the things in your bag or pocket, like keys and coins!)

These wallets are available in a wide range of colours and options, give us a call to talk about your companies’ promotional needs. Our Oyster Card wallets and holders might be the perfect thing to get your business seen wherever Oyster cards are used.