Branded Promotional Merchandise - Perfect for Your Business

We all know that businesses need to advertise to its customer base. As the market changes so do the methods used to reach your customers. An industry reliant on magazine advertising may very well now be advertising more on social media or websites.

With branded promotional marketing, a business will use both branding and promotional strategies to reach a wide market. Branded merchandise is a proven advertising method, used to increase brand awareness, attract customers and to increase sales.


What are the benefits of branded promotional merchandise?

They increase brand awareness

Branded merchandise is most effective in raising brand awareness. By choosing a quality product, such as a microfibre cloth or oyster card wallet, both of which have a surface area perfect for both logos and information, the customer can become familiar with your brand and be impressed with the quality and usefulness of the product standing behind the brand.

They are informative 

Branded promotional merchandise is used to tell your customers about a business by including information on the product. Sometimes this information will be time-sensitive, such a special offer, or sometimes it will be longer lasting, such as location information, benefits or something specific and ongoing, such as a discount on Tuesdays, for example. 

They increase customer traffic

Often the promise of a free product will mean that a section of the marketplace that might not traditionally be exposed to your brand or specific offer will discover your business, by being given an item that will be useful to them, with your business branding on it. Repeated exposure, in this case from the branding on an everyday item, is shown to have a marked advertising effect, increasing your customer base, and leading to the eventual goal of increased sales.

What makes good branding on a promotional gift?

Make your promotional gift informative

Excellent market research helps to identify what content will be helpful. Sometimes it is as simple as letting your customer base know you exist, sometimes it will be helpful to offer a discount and sometimes information about your product will be the thing your customer base would like to see on your gift. Give your customer base something useful!

Stand out from competitors

Branded promotional needs to be well designed and executed to stand out favourably from your competitors. Have a good look at what they offer and make your offer consistent or better. Make sure that the design is clear and the offer is obvious. Also if you have your address make sure it is large and legible and the same if you decide to show a telephone number.