A nice testimonial from Planet-it.net, an Oxford UK based IT support company

One of the most important (and difficult!) tasks of a company is that its name remains in the mind of their customers. In our company we have the same challenge, and we have tried several ways to be noticed by those who might need our services. Unfortunately there is no magic formula to achieve this.

Looking up new ways to try to approach more clients, we discovered ID Promotional Services. They offered us a great range of products which we could potentially tie our name and image to. Business cards and flyers are alright, but giving something more to a potential customer makes the difference.


We are an IT company, so we thought of something both useful and obviously linked to our business area. We see LOTS of computers every day, but sometimes it's hard to decipher what's on their screens because they are just filthy. But thanks to ID Promotional Services, now we can give away lens / microfibre cloths with our logo, artwork and contact details. These cloths are right there on the table of the client's office, so that when they have a problem with their computer they call to the first number they see, which is ours.

As I said, there is not a magic formula here, but there are some ingredients though that are just essential. And ID Promotional Service has the one you need for an absurd price if you think about how much can generate you back. Besides, they are friendly and patient, making all the purchasing process easy and fast. Definitely, I really recommend their services.

Ignacio O'Mullony

Marketing Manager