Selfie pictures are fun - remote control & stand

Have you tried doing a selfie? It can be a bit hit and miss. Iif only you could put your phone down on the desk, get into a pose and just press a button.

Well, now you can! We have a new item which is essentially a small remote control for the smartphone's camera. It requires you to download an app and then you just click away. Range is about 3 meters and you can switch bewteen front and rear views.

Selfie gadgets attract attention and that's why we think they are a great promotional gift. People like to be in the same photo as their friends. We all love to take photos of ourselves doing interesting things.

This little selfie gadget is supplied neatly packaged in a white box and also has a little stand for the phone to rest on when taking your picture. The whole thing is very light and compact and easy to carry, so it will get used!