The boom in wearable technology is a great promotional opportunity

The most frequent client request used to be for a promotional gift which would end up and stay on a desk. This is slowly changing now that technology has moved on so much. We now see an expansion of wearable technology and this presents great promotional advertising opportunities.

Fantastic new gadgets are being released onto the retail market, and slowly these will be produced in volume and make their way into the promotional market. Promotional items are a lot more economical than retail and are thus more likely to fit within corporate budget constraints.

This year we are seeing more gadgets that monitor health. Our lives are being recorded and we should soon all be able to tell each other exactly how much sleeping, eating, running etc. we are all doing. 

The more gadgets, the more promotional opportunities there are for branding. Gadgets bring with them demand for accessories such as cases, straps and cleaning cloths that themselves offer opportunities to brand.

So the takeaway message? Promotional items will be carried or worn, and used more frequently as we move through the next few years.