Promotional bags too cheap?

It isn't often that we at ID Promotional Services think that the price of something should go up, but having just sat here and thought about promotional bags and how much they cost, I am afraid that in this case, I think they should!

The issue is that nasty plastic bag. They are nasty because they are a problem for our natural world. We cannot relate to this problem because we dont see it around us on a day to day basis.

To date most campaigns aimed at reducing plastic bag usage have used financial levers - if we pay for it then we will use less of it. This strategy does seem to work to some extent.

However, there should also be a campaign to encourage  a cultural response against plastic bags. If supermarkets really believed in the message then they should be putting their weight behind making consumers aware of the reasons plastic bags are not a good idea. People need to feel repulsed, just like when you see someone smoking around children. Governments should do more.

The price we pay for plastic bags does not reflect the enviromental cost of using them. If we paid a lot more for them we would think a lot more about it.

So by giving away a promotional reuseable bag, not only are you promoting yourself but you can also be sure you are on board with this message.

bag picture1.jpg