Lovely 3D embroidery on printed promotional hats

3D embroidery.PNG

We want to let you know that we offer beautiful 3D embroidery on hats embroidered in the UK.

In the past we have usually had to go to the Far East to achieve this, but sometimes time is of the essence with orders, as we all know!

3D embroidery really makes a difference - a plain hat suddenly looks like an expensive, well thought out promotional item.

It's more likely it will end up on somebody's head as opposed to left hanging in the cupboard.

3D Embroidery looks great but there are few points to bear in mind for it to really work well.

  • There is foam inside the stitching, so artwork needs to be simple
  • Certain fonts work better than others
  • Space is needed between letters
  • Nice rounded edges on artwork look better
  • And the thicker the artwork the better!