Reusable brandable bottles answer to bottle plague!

So plastic bags are being banned. It won't be long before plastic water bottles will also prohibited. They have made a start in San Francisco where the sale of single-use water bottles on public property and city permitted events has been banned. Within the next four years San Francisco will phase out all bottles that are 21 ounce or less. Some sport events and outlets where there is no alternative water supply will have an exception.

It seems we are addicted to water bottles, just like we are to plastic carrier bags. There was a time in the past when we were not a disposable society!

The US consumes a huge amount of bottled water and it takes 17 million barrels of crude oil to produce all those bottles. Every nation wants to reduce its dependence on oil, so we should focus on all those items like water bottles that are made from oil.

Of course, for the promotional industry this means reusable water bottles are a great giveaway.

Make sure your logo is the one on the bottle that is carried around out there.

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