Shake that Protein, Shake that Promotion!


Protein Shakers: The Hidden Promotion Tool

These days everyone has the issue of health and wellbeing on their mind. Whether they act on the advice they hear so often is another matter, but we all still think about it. From trying to reach 10,000 steps, to eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, we all know how to improve our health and many of us are taking it one step further; investing in a gym membership and huge tubs of protein shake. In fact, protein shakers are no longer a product limited to fitness enthusiasts; they are becoming an everyday item that is often found in people’s bags and on their desks.

Protein shakes did have connotations of being purely for the exceptionally bulky. Now the public has realised that they are a simple a way to get all necessary nutrients in a quick and tasty form. With a little help from the increasingly popular protein shakers that are available everywhere, this healthy liquid meal has well and truly become a part of our lives. What is more, shakers are now being used as multi-use kitchen items, mixing various liquid products such as pancake mix and milkshakes. The taboo has been lifted and the protein shaker has become a necessary part of modern life, whether you are trying to increase muscle mass or not.

Although the use of protein shakers can be seen in many areas, from leisure centres to homes, one of the most noticeable is in the workplace. Office employees have found that their simple and quick use can ensure they are fulfilling their nutrition plan while on the go and at work. From the point of view of the employee it is simple product satisfaction, however the protein shaker is also an ideal advertising space. Subtle yet eye-catching, a logo placed on a protein shaker is a clear way to get the message across to the public and as these shakers are usually used in public locations there is always a captive audience. Ideally the logo should represent a business that is related to the health and fitness industry, but even those that only have a vague connection to it are finding that the protein shaker logo spot is very effective advertising space.

Due to the growing popularity of this product there are now a variety of different types and styles to choose from, including plastic and metal shakers and those with an additional metal ball to aid mixing. Combine your logo and optional message with a high quality shaker and you will reach a wide and varied audience. This is a guilt free method of advertising as the product is promoting a healthy lifestyle!