Oyster wallets - gloss or matt? that is the question!

Our digital oyster wallets are laminated; this lamination can either be in gloss or matt. Gloss is our default finish, but at no extra cost you can opt for a matt finish.

ID has produced many different wallets in both finishes. We have seen excellent results with both. The matt finish does not reflect light, whereas the glossy finish will and also has  a slightly 'smoother' texture.

If you are not sure as to which finish to choose, we will be able to advise on which is more appropriate for your artwork, but it may just come down to a matter of personal taste.

Our experience is that images of glass, mirrors, water and other reflective surfaces tend to work better with a glossy finish.

Above are some examples of gloss laminated wlalets we have supplied.

And these are some examples of matt finished wallets.