New Shape Trolley Coin - actually "Stick"!

Proving popular are these new style supermarket helpers.

The traditional trolley coin keyring used a metal or plastic coin substitute that one had to actually take off the keychain before inserting it into the trolley (and, of course, put back on when you finished your shopping).

But we like these new shapes a lot - they have the following useful features;

  • an integrated all-in-one plastic shape that just inserts into the coin receptacle and stays there until you finish your shop
  • very light - especially compared to metal coin keyrings
  • a larger effective print area

In addition, they are made in the UK from clever re-cycled bits of yoghurt pots production (yes!) that has an additive added which will encourage degradation if they ever end up in a landfill - something, of course, we don't think will happen while the curse of the coin operated supermarket trolley still hangs over the land!

Please see our main page on trolley coin keyrings for more information.