How packaging turns corporate gifts into memorable experiences

We at ID Promotional Services always encourage our clients to think about packaging as an integral part of the branded gift experience.

When someone receives items of promotional merchandise all the senses are involved in appreciating, experiencing and – ideally - enjoying the gift. The eyes see it, the hands touch it, the nose smells it, the ears may hear it and – for some products - the mouth is ready for tasting.

To make an impact, a promotional gift should try to use as many of those senses as possible. With packaging, you are adding to the whole experience of receiving the gift and involving as many senses as you can.

Packaging adds that extra element of anticipation; the unwrapping of a gift takes time and that time heightens the senses. How boring would it be if we did not wrap up our Christmas and birthday presents to make them look enticing?

We know packaging works because when you buy an item from an expensive store or from an exclusive brand it is usually beautifully, and often expensively, packed for you. This reinforces the fact that you have bought something expensive. It is packed in this way to make you feel that you have bought something special and that you are worth it!

Today the retail market has gone to the other extreme - everyone must have had the experience of  buying  a small toy or other item  which is wrapped up in an amazing amount of packaging - packaging designed to give the impression that you have bought something really big!

Taking this logic to the promotional gifts market, we know that if we can afford to spend a bit more time and budget on packaging it will make for a better marketing campaign.

Get those senses buzzing!

Here are a just a few examples of packaging we have worked on.

Pashmina presented in Organza bags for Royal Ascot

What a difference it makes when a lady receives her pashmina in a handmade organza bag. This is a very practical packaging created by Pat Smith from her own personal experience. A lady often wants to carry her pashmina in her bag, just in case she needs it. The organza bag is a great way to just roll up the pashmina and put it a handbag. It is also a nice way to store the pashmina in a wardrobe. The texture of organza is a nice contrast to the pashmina. We think this is a winning idea all round.

Click here.

Velvety pouches for USB sticks and styluses

USB sticks and styluses make great branded gifts but with some interesting packing they become something special.  We at ID Promotional Services created these velvety pouches - lovely to touch and sized so they can also be used to carry a smart phone.

The pouches are great for individual items that get lost when given out by themselves but we have also used them to make a pack of two or three small items.

See an example on our stylus pens page.

Scarves with printed ribbon

Scarves are an expensive gift so they really do need to benefit from a little something added. We printed high quality double sided silk ribbons with a logo and tied it around the scarves. At other times we have also added a tissue paper packaging to add that extra touch of making it something special with a nice contrast of textures and colours.

Colouring books in a plastic folder

These are colouring books for children and they were given with colouring crayons. To make it more fun and enhance the overall marketing we created a full colour plastic presentation folder. This was a practical packaging solution with a great print area.