Promotional merchandise works - some evidence...

Some recent research (a survey conducted by Relevant Insights LLC) highlights just how much extra value can be obtained through carefully targetted promotional product marketing, using relevant products and impactful branding, compared to more traditional print or online marketing (TV, online banner adverts, etc.).

Crucially, it is the 'call to action' effect where promotional products seem to work best. 50% of survery recipients indicated they would take action after receiving an appropriate product that they 'liked', compared to much lower numbers for TV adverts (19% and the next best) to much lower numbers such as circa 10% for online adverts, print, mail and so on.

More good news: 94% of those surveyed said they remembered the advertiser behind a promotional product for periods up to 6 months.

It all goes to show what we have observed for many years now - the right product fitting what the recipient will like and use, ideally in harmony with the main issues of the campaign, with the right message, branded in a striking and memorable way, will work very well indeed.