Full colour digital printing has made it so much easier to get your promotional message out there

The improvement in technology for full colour digital printing has made a big difference in the promotional merchandise market. Ink jet technology has revolutionised the whole process. Since it is nowadays so economical to print in full colour the actual demand for full colour printed promotional products has increased at a very fast rate. Photographic images are being used more and more in marketing, as the increased use of smartphone, cameras etc., with full colour photographs are now a part of life. Brands which have complex logos and identities no longer have to compromise when putting their message on promotional products.

Full colour digital printing is CYMK which is cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These are the four inks used in the process. Traditionally, an expensive plate system was used to create colour from the make-up of the CYMK spectrum. The development of ink jet technology with a UV curing process and UV inks means we have had a huge improvement in accuracy of ink placement. CYMK ink jet technology is so accurate it can place a single droplet of ink, 0.1 of a millimeter, directly on top of another, so millions of shades can be achieved in one print. UV light is used for curing the ink so that no laminate or drying time is required. How fantastic is that?

Below is an example of two great products we supplied to a client using digital technology - oyster wallets and nail files. This is a logo that would have been difficult with screen printing as it has shading and multiple colours.