Olympics disrupt promotional industry

No complaints, as I'm sure the Games are going to be great, but the disruption that they are going to cause with the London travel network means we are not going to be able to provide our usual service to clients, especially in the London area.

It is going to be a difficult period for the courier companies - contingency plans are in place but nothing can be guaranteed. Significant traffic restrictions are beginning to take place; there are special Olympic lanes which cannot be crossed by other traffic, roads are being closed, traffic lights are going to be adjusted and visitors are starting to pour in.

One innovative courier company has even started a jogging courier service to meet the need - perhaps this will even continue after the Olympics!

We will simply not be able to promise delivery dates during the Games, very difficult for an industry which is all about delivering on time.

Even when London deliveries are possible, it is going to be expensive!

Enjoy the Games, and fingers crossed for good weather...