The bigger the screen, the smarter it is to keep it clean

There is no doubt about it - touch screens are everywhere and they are getting bigger. The screen size on the iPhone appears to have remained unchanged since it was launched. Now with the (really) big screen Galaxy Note doing well in the smartphone arena we are entering a new era.

There are rumours that the next iPhone will also have a bigger screen.  We want thinner phones but bigger screens, just like TV. We are going to keep demanding more and more from our phones and actually really want to carry a mini computer with us. We need the larger keyboards as we do more and more typing and keep building up social media. Which brings us to the point that with all this touch screen typing going, it requires a lot of screen cleaning - a screen cleaning microfibre cloth is indispensible.

So what a great promotional item we have for you - check out our gallery and help the keep those lovely shiny screens smudge free!