Oyster holders and wallets - digital, screen or litho printing?

Terminology can be confusing, so here is some basic information about the different methods by which our wallets are printed.

We can supply wallets printed in three different ways;

Digital: laser printed  - most economical for small volume, printing is up to full colour.

Screen: see this article - basically this is about forcing colours through a mesh / stencil -  it does produce artwork of considerable vibrancy and intensity. Suitable for artwork which is spot colour and can be most economical for wallets printed in one colour. It allows the possibility to use coloured pvc which means the wallets can be coloured inside without the cost of an additional print.

Litho: see this - sometimes called litho offset printing, this established  process transfers artwork 'mechanically' onto the required product, producing exceptional image results. This is the most economical method for large orders.