Micro fibre cloth - amazing stuff!

We've been working with micro fibre lens cloths for quite a while now and they make brilliant promotional gifts because they fill the two most important criteria,

First, they are really useful and tend to be used a lot.

Second, by their very nature, they lend themselves to bright, colourful branding!

Net net, your message gets seen a lot by the user.

Still, it still struck me as impressive that these fabrics, all completely man-made, have individual fibres / fibers so small that they are less that 0.7 denier in diameter.

What is a denier? Well, these guys will tell you that!

Update on 2012-03-12 06:50 by ID Promotional Services

Thinking about whether micro-fibre cloths are 'green' or not ...

Well, in one sense they are not - after all, they are made of synthetic fibres that have their origin in petro-chemicals. So they can't be naturally re-cycled.

On the other hand, they are completely re-usable, needing just washing in water to renew, and are additionally green because you don't need to use other agents like washing-up liquid, detergents, or in the case of lens-cloths for specs, lens cleaning solution!