Psychology of touch

We were talking the other day about how the way the touch and feeling (texture, hardness etc.) of an object affects how we feel about it, just as much as the visual 'look' of the thing.

This article is quite a good summary of these issues, and of how small things could dramatically affect our often sub-conscious perception of promotional products like oyster wallets and lens cloths.

Leather oyster wallet.PNG

Both oyster wallets and lens cloths (of which we do a lot) sometimes engender quite strong (always positive!) reactions from some customers, and we have often noticed that this is often because we have used a material that has a particular 'feel'.

And of course, this makes sense when one is talking about something we pick up and use all the time, every day.

So it does make sense to consider the physical touch properties of your material, as well as the look, when planning a promotional product campaign.