Fast moving business!

Promotional merchandising certainly has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years since I started being fully involved.

At that time the fax and the phone and good old fashioned snail-mail were the main ways of communicating with suppliers and customers.

There was the early form of email - but the idea of attaching huge pictures and artwork to them was laughable (actually, we didn't even imagine we ever could).

And a website to market products, discuss ideas, and allow rapid communication between the customer and the product to take place, was just a distant fantasy.

But now all has changed, and technology has also has created a set of products (recyclable, green, new printing technologies) that altogether add up to a much faster moving business.

ID Promotional Services has recently had the new BT fibre-optic broadband installed - phew! Uploads speeds for artwork are at least 10 times faster!

No more watching the GoogleMail upload progress indicator change bit by little bit ...