Bleeding artwork - on oyster wallets

We thought it may be useful to discuss artwork for our oyster wallets and the idea of having bleed in the artwork.

A bleed occurs when your artwork goes beyond the area marked out for printing because during printing there is often (but not always) a slight movement of the material. Printers allow a margin of up to 3mm for this, and this is pointed out in our pdf proof.

Therefore an image supplied by you has to actually be larger than what is required to be printed so as to allow for this 'bleed' movement, so that if there is movement in the material while printing takes place artwork will be there still covering the required area of the wallet.

Otherwise you might end up seeing a blank area where the movement has gone beyond!  This is especially important for photos and images.  It also means it is difficult to place any print on a specific position away from the edge of the wallet, because that specific position might not survive the small tolerance of movement (up to 3mm) that can occur during the printing process.

We often receive artwork which does not have a bleed, so please bear in mind the need to do this!

It's not a simple issue - we are very happy to clarify all these issues prior to ordering.