Polythene bags can be eco friendly

If you decide you need some biodegradable carrier bags, make sure you order from us. Pricing is now VERY competitive!

ID hopes that one day all bags will be bio-degradable. We have travelled around north India and have seen how polluting pastic bags can be.

As you sit in your car passing through small villages in the Punjab, you notice that on the outskirts of these villages there are lots and lots of carrier bags wrapped up into other bits of rubbish, all just lying around.

The other bits of rubbish will decompose but somehow you feel the carrier bags are going to remain there untill who knows when.

This is a new phenomenen; these viilages in the past did not produce litter that could not decompose. Everything was recycled one way or another.

This is the by product of modernisation, which is inevitable - but the world now has the technology and experience to do something about it.