Social Media?!

We saw this joke the other day while we were discussing our use of social media:

Question: What’s the personality trait of a bad marketer?

Answer: Anti-social!


Well, it’s not that good, we know. But we were chatting about how in our business we make little use of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and - the soon to be defunct - Google+.

The funny thing is, when we first realised this we actually felt guilty. There was a relentless barrage of advice, instructions, trends and momentum all leading us to believe that if we didn’t max out on social media, then our business would suffer.

But then over the last year we’ve relaxed about this. It seems to us that if the whole point of our approach is a fast, responsive and personal service, then let’s talk - or at least make rapid use of email.

We are not a big company that has to structure communications. We just like to chat!

Lens cloths work well for hotel promotions


Good hotels already provide luxury items such as toiletries and biscuits, but now lens cloths are being added to the list. Guests need something to clean their screens and specs. Don’t encourage them to wipe their treasured technology items on the bedding!

So provide them with a promotional lens cloth that they can take with them as a memento of their stay. If you already provide a shoe-shine cloth then why not add on a lens cloth as well? Your clientele will leave your hotel feeling well-treated - everyone enjoys receiving goodies!

hotel-lens-cloths .jpeg

A promotional lens cloth works well to reinforce an existing hotel brand as well as to promote a new one. A well designed promotional lens cloth is highly likely to be kept and used by the guest and will serve as a reminder of their stay. It will keep your brand name at the forefront of a customer’s mind for any future bookings and for recommending to others.

Our promotional lens cloths have a great full-colour print area and are available in all kinds of sizes. This makes them an ideal way to convey any new promotion at the hotel. They can advertise and encourage visits to special areas that you want to emphasise (e.g. your spa), room service options can be printed, you can promote a map of the hotel facilities, or even promote other connected hotels and locations. There are plenty of ideas.

Oyster Card - 15th Anniversary

There's little doubt that TFL's introduction of the Oyster card revolutionised payment technology across the London transport system. The last 15 years have flown by.



Here's a good article on this by City A.M.

Over time, of course, we expect oysters to gradually fade out as phone-based and bank-card based payments increase further.

But we still get regular orders for promotional oyster wallets / holders, proving their remarkable staying power and clear value for effective promotional marketing,

Long live the oyster card!




Neon Printing On Microfibre Cloths



We can now print your cloths with neon colours!

Artwork based on neon colours looks quite arty and very modern. Take a look at social media posts and blogs and at some music videos and you will see that neon effects are very popular. It's a great way to highlight impact elements, and can also give a sort of vintage effect. 

Of course, using neon is nothing new. It was around in the 1980's and has cycled round in popularity once again. It went out of fashion as neon began to be associated with seedy, cheap and 'out of control' places.

But now it's back and has a trendy new edge to it. So get noticed, get with it - get neon!

Four Reasons Why Lens Cloths Are A Great Marketing Idea

lens-cloths .jpg


Microfiber lens cloths are made of minute fibres smaller than a strand of silk and are used to clean the lenses on spectacles and sunglasses as well as the screens of laptops, computers and mobile phones. The minute fibres create a large surface area which latches on to dirt and bacteria for a complete cleaning effect. Laundered on a regular basis, they can be used to clean lens for a long time without wearing out. Cleaning is not the only task that lens cloths perform as they are also becoming an increasingly popular marketing medium and promotional product.

ID Promotional Services is a marketing and promotions company that brings you the best quality marketing products in order to help you increase your brand’s visibility. Microfiber lens cloths are some of ID's bestselling products, used extensively by both large and small brands to promote their products and services. If you haven’t yet tried out this highly effective marketing method, below are four reasons why you should consider making lens cloths a part of your marketing strategy:


1.     Easy customization

Lens cloths can be customized to fit specific requirements including size, colour, logo and other printing requirements. They have a smooth surface which allows for easy juxtaposition of images, and paints and inks stick easily to the microfibers which means that images or text printed on them will not fade quickly.


2.     Multi-use properties

Lens cloths perform several functions in addition to being a highly effective marketing medium. Their primary purpose is to clean surfaces such as the lens on spectacles and laptop or mobile phone screens. They can also be used for passing on important social messages and general cleaning in emergency situations.


3.     Great variety of designs

A large variety of designs are available and users may choose from a number of available templates and designs or come up with their own design.


4.     Highly cost effective

Lens cloths are some of the cheaper marketing mediums available. Compact size and the use of affordable microfiber means that you will not have to break the bank in order to use lens cloths in your marketing campaigns.  In addition you can order as few or as many lens cloths as you need depending on the size of your budget.

Microfiber lens cloths are an affordable marketing medium which can be customized easily in a variety of designs. They are easily portable, lightweight and can be used for multiple purposes. If you are looking for an easy, affordable and high quality medium for advertising your brand, you cannot go wrong with microfiber lens cloths.

Camera Blockers - are they a good idea?

Web-cam and device camera aperture cover-up stickers are now becoming used to reinforce a security message, and promote your brand.

Web-cam and device camera aperture cover-up stickers are now becoming used to reinforce a security message, and promote your brand.

Everyone is now sensitive to the need to prevent malicious intrusion into computers and hand-held devices. We’ve just started to see promotional products aimed at blocking off your webcam and device cameras so that they can’t see you – and we thought that an article on whether this actually achieved anything, and was a good promotional idea, was timely.

Your typical old-fashioned webcam, now fast disappearing and being replaced by integrated camera devices.

Your typical old-fashioned webcam, now fast disappearing and being replaced by integrated camera devices.

When you use a brand new computer or laptop or mobile device (whether Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android), then you don’t need to worry about your device’s camera ‘spying’ on you. You would expect (correctly) that the camera would only be used by applications and the operating system for legitimate purposes.

But one of the things that might go wrong if your device is hacked (infiltrated) is that your on-board camera gets used for nefarious purposes. Hence the advice to cover it up (apparently, even Mark Zuckerberg does so). Of course, there are plenty of other things that malicious computer code on your device might get up to, from intercepting web-traffic en-route to financial websites or encrypting your documents and demanding a ransom to decrypt your precious data (documents, photos and so on).

Evil ransomware!

Evil ransomware!

So, the question is: will covering up your on-board camera actually help? Well, yes it will in the sense that the camera won’t be able to ‘see’ anything, but no it won't in that it will still be able to hear what you or others are saying. And a more fundamental problem is that if you have been hacked, there are also bigger problems in terms of what could go wrong that just worrying about your webcam.

Remember, the webcam itself will see you and your face, and (in modern integrated devices) hear conversations. Unless you are doing something embarrassing, or having a conversation with very confidential content, although bad, it’s not the worst exploit or hack that could happen.

Hacking your device can occur through exploits that leverage weaknesses in the operating system or application software running on your device (which is why regular updates are so vital), through clicking on malicious links in emails (still a surprisingly popular attack for hackers), via poor ‘perimeter’ security (your router is configured incorrectly or has a bug in it), through giving someone physical access to your device (they use a dodgy usb stick, or browse to unsafe sites), and so on.

If you don’t do any of those things, and got your computer or device originally from a trusted source, we would argue that webcam / camera hacking is still a low risk event. But, it is still worth covering up providing you don't forget about the other risks and problems that can occur!

Where it might be more useful is when you use shared computers (a friend’s, one in a hotel or conference centre, and so on) – here, covering up the webcam could well be worth doing. Or, if you yourself are - for some reason - a likely target. Clearly, Zuckerberg is. Me, no. But perhaps you?

The above has been written from the perspective of computer usage risks. But, as a promotional product, this is still a very neat idea. For example, the mobile phone is always used during the day - the benefits of having a branded item on the phone are obvious. For those companies and organisations that want to reinforce a security message, this could be a powerful way of spreading the word.

Lots of opportunity to spread a message and, of course, the message is always right in front of the user's eyes!

Lots of opportunity to spread a message and, of course, the message is always right in front of the user's eyes!

Five great eco-friendly promotional products

Vegetal Pens

vegetal eco pens


These pens are environmentally friendly versions of the classic push button ballpen. The Vegetal Pen is 80% derived from corn and is also 80% biodegradable, sporting a frosted white barrel with a choice of coloured fittings. Black ink refills sold separately.

Birchley A5 Notebook

Environmentally friendly spiral bound A5 notebook made from 95% Recycled Cardboard including an elasticated closure and pen holder. Notebook contains100 pages of lined 100% recycled paper.

Sandhurst 4.5oz Fold Up Cotton Shopper

We have a great range of environmentally friendly shoppers including this 140gsm natural cotton fold up shopper/tote. Folds into itself with a little draw string closure. Easily portable.

Bamboo Fibre Lanyard

bamboo lanyard

Flat bamboo fibre lanyard with good quality swivel lever hook and optional safety break. Biodegradable & sustainable. Pantone matched webbing provided at no extra cost.

Sticky-Mate Note 3

Our Sticky-Mate Notes are a promotional favourite thanks to their great value for money and branding opportunities. They're available in a range of colours and sizes.

Each pad contains 50 sheets of self-adhesive notes glued to a backing sheet.