Promotional Sticky Phone Card Holders / Printed Silicone Phone Wallets

Since most of the day we are in arm's reach of our mobile phone, any promotion which succeeds in branding the mobile phone is sure to be a very successful one.

                                                        Sticky Card Holders Screen Printed

                                                        Sticky Card Holders Screen Printed

Printed with your promotional message and logo, these card holders are supplied standard in a poly bag packing and it is possible to add a printed card if required. This is a custom made product so the silicone is pantone matched for you.

This is our new card holder idea. It is tried and tested by us at ID Promotional and we give it five stars. It's a silicon wallet which sticks to the back of most phones, phone cases and other items. It's basically a very useful stick-on pocket for cards. An economical, durable and practical storage solution for credit cards, travel cards, loyalty cards, etc.

Having our mobile sticky card holder on a phone means you only need to have your phone in your hand as you make your way through the underground maze. Our stick on smart wallet on the phone means no need to have another hand to get the oyster card out!

If you have already used promotional oyster wallets, then our clever sticky promotional wallet is a great follow up promotion.

The stickiness on the back comes from 3M. Any minimal residue left on the phone after removal can easily be removed with a damp cloth.


Printed Sticky Phone Card Holder with Cleaner

Sticky card holder with cleaner.jpg

This is a phone wallet with a sticky microfibre cleaner on the front. The cleaner can be removed, used to clean the screen on a smartphone and then placed back on the sticky holder. It can be printed up to full colour. This phone wallet is pantone matched, durable and can be used with most phones.

Microfibre Sticky Holder For Mobile Phone


This is the same as our fantastic sticky card holder but rather than being made from silicone this one is made from microfibre cloth. The cloth colour itself can be pantone matched. It is a  stretchy cloth which means this promotional wallet can be used to store things like headphones as well as cards.

Printed Rigid Sticky Mobile Card Holder


This is another version of the Sticky Card Holder. It is made from hard plastic, rather than soft silicon. A card can be held securely in the holder and be taken out at either end.  It is available in either black or white plastic. There is a nice big imprint area for your artwork up to full colour. Price wise it is actually cheaper than the silicone model.

Sticky Mobile Card Holder with Pop Phone Stand

Phones are getting bigger and we are using them for longer periods of time to view media and browse the web. Hence it is really useful to have a something which converts to a phone stand any-time you want and then just snaps right back into place. With this silicone card holder you simply push on the strap in the middle of the card holder to pop out a phone stand. It fits most flat backed phones. A really useful product with great promotional value.

Promotional Sticky Pop Up Phone Stand

If you like the idea of just a neat little promotional pop up stand, this silicone pop up stand sticks to the back of phones and phone cases.The pop out will enable the phone to stand on a desk or table. Any minimal residue left on the phone after removal can easily be cleaned off with a damp cloth.